NUNBURNHOLME AVENUE, HULLNecessary maintenance to a road bridge over railways lines required a bespoke solution to minimize disruption and allow easy access for the main contractor to both sides of the bridge. The works comprised of the erection of Layher System scaffolds to both abutments on the existing bridge, followed by the erection of a temporary service bridge to allow access for Balfour Beatty to either side the railway line without having to take a long diversionary route. The temporary bridge was constructed on the existing road bridge before any other works started using RMD Kwik form sections and tube & fitting scaffold and when finished performed the additional function of carrying the utility services from the road bridge and redirect them whilst the existing road bridge was resurfaced to minimize the disruption to the local residents near by.
The works comprised of the erection of Layher System scaffolds ... SAY organized and managed a tandem lift with two cranes positioned at either side of the railway lines to pick up and lift the temporary bridge into position. This project required out of hours working and specialist Health & Safety Training to allow our employees to safely work along side the railway lines.

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