Q-PARK CAR PARK, LEEDSWorking closely with the main contractor at tender stage helped SAY to secure the scaffold contract to increase the capacity of a busy city centre Leeds car park. SAY provided vital technical assistance, input on planning and, of course, value for money, to win the contract, which involved building to new storeys on top of the car parks existing ten storeys.

One requirement of the scaffold design was that there was to be no disruption to the restaurant that operates on the car park’s ground floor. In addition, the scaffold solution had to allow the car park to remain open for business during the course of the work: the only disruption allowed was to the top two levels of existing structure.
.. the scaffold solution had to allow the car park to remain open for business ... SAY’s solution was to construct a cantilevered scaffold braced off the eighth floor car park level with both fan board and safety net protection. A combination of steel unit and 450 beams were trussed out of the car park from this level and with the use of further 450 and 750 beams a substantial beam collar was erected around the perimeter of the building, off which the independents scaffold was erected.

Extendable transforms were used to allow flexibility when constructing both the concrete structure and the clad finish to the building. Further scaffolds incorporated internal access for the extension of stairwells and lift shafts.

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